More formally, this dish could be described as “goat cheese balls, crusted with sumac and walnut in the Sarkland-style”. It is a dish inspired by Old Norse myth, specifically an interaction between a goat, Loki, and Skaði (Skadhi or Skadi). It will be served and offered at the Hail and Horn Gathering feast during the Summer of 2018 to honour the goddess of the year, who is Skaði. The dish has its origins in the Muslim lands; lands the Old Norse called “Sark-land” or ‘Land-of-the-Robed-People’. The historic Heathen people that may have tasted this dish were the far-ranging Rus’; who were adventurers from Roslagen (“Rus-law”), in what is now Sweden.

☼ 1 stick of chèvre, soft goat cheese
☼ 1 feta cheese, goat milk, small block
☼ 2 tablespoons sumac, Middle-eastern
☼ 4 tablespoons walnuts

☼ Bring soft cheese and feta to room temperature. Mash together, leaving a few small chunks of feta.
☼ Toast walnuts in a low oven. Cool. Crumble to peppercorn texture.
☼ Mix together walnuts and sumac.
☼ Form in to cheese into tiny serving-sized, small oblong-ish balls. (Try for a testicle shape.)
☼ Roll cheese balls in the walnut and sumac mixture, so that they are thickly crusted. Place on a non-stick tray.
☼ Chill slightly before serving. Serve in groups of two.

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