Here are some pictures taken after the blót where a God-pole for Skaði was raised in the Æsir Vé at Raven’s Knoll. (We do not allow photography or videography during the ritual.)

The visage of Skaði, a Goddess revealed from a stick of red pine.

The offerings received from the Folk. A special oath ring constructed of the wilds and forests in foreground. Lots of ice. (Provided as hospitality and reminder for a winter Goddess during a heatwave!)

An iron god-ring dedicated to the sorcery associated with the Visitor in the Iron Wood, Thor, is temporarily displayed to the side of the hörgr.

The “hunters” portion, the seat of courage, of the blót animals – the liver – on centre front of the altar. Tamarack twigs that were used for aspersing the offerings. They are of tamarack (in Europe, the larch), also known as the “needle-ash”.

A fur mantle for the rite upon Skaði, as well as personal offerings to her.

Gythia – Jaime Cadorette-Thifault & Jessica Kelly – organizing the frið-yard, after the rite. Blót-goat “Wynter Wether” in the foreground.

Blót-goat “Wynter Wether”. The Folk thank you.

Blót-goat “Wynter Wether”.

Blót-goat “Bustnir” (aka Buster). The Folk thank you.

The priesthood for the rite, from three different groups: Golden Birch Kindred; Vindisir Kindred; and, White Dog Hearth. Left to Right: Nicole Aethelflaed Butler, Jaime Cadorette-Thifault, Karine Brosseau, John Perrault and Jessica Kelly.

The pole-carver, Luna Peredhil, with her devotional work.

Badass Gythia – Jaime Cadorette-Thifault & Jessica Kelly – with a battle-bride looking on.

All photo credits to Austin Lawrence, 2018.




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