Wendish Cold Soup
A buttermilk soup with smoked cottage cheese, garlic, cucumber and radish

Breads & Smear
Black rye loaf, light rye bread, and wheaten rolls
Spreads of leek-cream and apple-flesh (a ‘butter’ of apples and bacon)

Seethed Ox
Joints of beef braised in ale and onions, seasoned with wildcrafted herbs

Seethed Duck
Jointed duck braised in cider, with turnip and onions

Sharp Cabbage
Butter-fried cabbage with juniper and caraway, with cider vinagrette

Caithness Frumenty
Thick savory porridge of toasted coarse oats and seasonings

Twisted fry-cookies glazed with cardamom honey

Sarklander Cakes
Dates sweets made with walnuts, spiced with cloves and pepper

A gift, freely given; one to another

A chilled honey-drink flavoured with cider vinegar