Húsel Menu for Freyr at HHG 2014

A central feature of the Hail and Horn Gathering is a sacred feast known as húsel. Foodstuffs which we will offer at the Vé, will be collected and prepared in a way consistent with the cooking techniques of the Germanic peoples of old. Our communal efforts at the raising of the God-pole to Freyr, the blót, bind gods and folk together through this ritual meal in his honour. It is in the hall at the feasting board that frith is shared with every bite, growing in joviality well into the throws of symbel.

All HHG registrations include the husél feast dinner. Friends who are regular campers at Raven’s Knoll and are not registered for Hail and Horn may join the feast for a $30 fee, preregistration is appreciated for this so we can plan purchases.


Home brewed ale
Spiced Mead
Medieval Swedish mead recipe
Non-alcoholic sweet and sour quaff, made with honey and cider vinegar

Flat crisp-bread made from rye
Spelt loaf
Raised sourdough loaf made with spelt

Smears and Relishes
Danish-style pork paté
Smoked and herbed country cheese
Hung and smoked fresh cheese with herbs and garlic
Cucumber pickles
Vinegar salad of cucumbers and fresh dill, Danish-style
Fragrant mustard
Grainy mustard with dill seed
Honey mustard
Smooth mustard with honey

Head, hock and hoof soup
Unctuous slow-cooked pork broth with onions
Pit-roasted swine
Dark Ages style roast pork

Roasted beets
Roasted red beets
Sauerkraut with caraway and juniper
Young sauerkraut of cabbage with caraway and juniper

Baked apples
Baked apples stuffed with walnuts, crumbs and honey