HHG 2022
Braggi awaits us at mead-hall benches, at the grove of the gods, in our silver words.
The land is readying, the hall is readying, our folx are readying … we are ready for hugs and hails! We miss the laughter around the hearth, the banners in the hall, the smiles when our feet touch the forest floor, and knowing you are home.
Folx we acknowledge the wait to honour Bragi has been too long (2020-2022). We are ready for a gathering of EPIC proportions. Bring a drinking horn, bring a cup, a ladle, hands, as we will each fill one another’s with #HALLJOY.
If you are interested in volunteering or offering a workshop, please message Chantal Layoun via facebook messenger or by e-mail at yountal@hotmail.com.
Please consult the separately posted FAQ and Volunteer Guide.
MA will provide official receipts for tax purposes for Ontario residents to use for the “Stay-Cation” 2022 tax benefit. If you have any questions, please contact MA at ravensknoll@rogers.com.
For detailed background on what takes place at this inclusive Heathen religious gathering please consult the book “Bragafull” (https://www.amazon.ca/Bragafu…/dp/B08B1PL6XH/ref=sr_1_2…).
Please register for 2022 Hail and Horn form below to completed and returned to ravensknoll@rogers.com