The Goddess to be honoured in 2018 at the Hail and Horn Gathering is Skaði. She is a goddess of the mountains, forests, and wild places. She is was once an outsider to the Æsir, is fiercely independent, and committed to do right by her kin. This húsel feast menu reflects her lore and is designed to honour her. (Note: Of course, no fish or sea vegetables will be served at this dinner!)

Sweet Fern Tonic Switchel

A dwarfishly small mead flavoured with the forest and field.

[Vegetarian; gluten-free; non-alcoholic / Ingredients include: water, honey, naturally fermented apple cider vinegar, sweetfern, red clover, raspberry leaves, roots of burdock, echinacea, yellow dock and dandelion.]

Wizard Bread

A fine sourdough rye travel bread.

[Vegan / Ingredients include: whole grain rye flour, water, salt, and yeast. May contain traces of: sesame seeds.]

Western Isles Bread

Coarsely ground travel bread made from oats.

[Vegan / Ingredients include: wholegrain oats, sunflower oil, sustainable palm fruit oil, sea salt, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate.]


A heavenly butter of the immortal apple and swine.

[Gluten-free / Ingredients include: apples and bacon (pork, water, sea salt, refined sugar, with cultured celery extract and spice extract, or chemical nitrates and nitrites).]

Cinder-Folk Apple-flesh

A delectable smear of invigorating leeks and life-giving apple.

[Vegan; gluten-free / Ingredients include: leeks, vegetable ghee (to be determined, usually a modified palm and/or coconut oil, with natural flavourings), liquid smoke, apples, salt.]

Forest in a Frozen Lake

A paté of swine, with elk, flavoured with juniper berries, under a ‘ice’ of aspic.

[Gluten-free / Ingredients include: cream from cow milk, chicken liver, lard, game meat (elk, deer, and/or moose), green pea, onion, juniper, salt, European thyme, animal gelatin, meat broth (to be determined, usually includes soy and hydrologized proteins).]

Loki’s Cheesy Balls

Goat cheese balls, crusted with sumac and walnut in the Sarkland-Style.

[Vegetarian; gluten-free / Ingredients include: cream cheese from cows, salted cheese from goats, Middle-Eastern sumac, walnuts.]

Fierce Nine Worlds Roast Turnip

A magical mushroom and pea stew with a complexity of wild-crafted herbs and greens, over roasted turnip and horseradish.

[Vegan; gluten-free; dish is hammer-hallowed / Ingredients include: mushroom stock (to be determined, usually includes soy and hydrologized proteins), flax oil, leek, onion, mixed wild mushrooms, garlic, fennel bulb, naturally fermented apple cider vinegar, salt, marjoram, lovage and/or celery, mustard, juniper, dandelion, mixed local wild greens (to be determined), green pea, turnip, horse radish.]

Iron and Ice Wether

A slow-roasted, castrated goat, larded with bacon, flavoured with fragrant seeds.

[Gluten-free; dish is hammer-hallowed / Ingredients include: goat, bacon (pork, water, sea salt, refined sugar, with cultured celery extract and spice extract, or chemical nitrates and nitrites), salt, fennel seeds, caraway seeds. Non-food ingredients: egg white, salt.]

Skræling Whortleberry Sauce

A sauce of low-bush blueberries, honey, and juniper berries.

[Vegetarian; gluten-free / Ingredients include: blueberries, honey, juniper, salt.]

Gold of the Bogs Sauce

A sauce of cloudberries, mustard, cider vinegar, and bog myrtle catkins.

[Vegan; gluten-free / Ingredients include: cloudberry jam (sugar, cloudberries, pectin, citric acid), mustard, naturally fermented apple cider vinegar, bog myrtle catkins, salt.]

Ash-lad Bread

A bread made from barley flour, dyed black with edible charcoal, decorated with a white dusting.

[Ovo-lacto Vegetarian / Ingredients include: yeast, honey, salt, vegetable ghee, flour, birch wood charcoal.]

Kale-yard Salad

A coleslaw of kale, chard, endive, apricots, and green onions; dressed with Sarkland-style, poppy seed vinaigrette.

[Vegan; gluten-free / Ingredients include: kale, chard, endive, green onion, barberries, olive oil, date vinegar, salt, dill seeds, poppy seeds.]

Thiazi’s Eyes

Wizened plums stuffed with toasted hazelnuts.

[Vegan; gluten-free / Ingredients include: prunes, hazelnuts.]

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