Over the last few years more and more people have been bringing Trailers and RVs to Raven’s Knoll.  With this trend comes a requirement that these units be safe for both the occupants and the campground.

In light of many injuries and even deaths caused by improperly maintained or missing fire alarms and CO (Carbon Monoxide) detectors in recent years we are now requiring that all camping trailers and RVs have working fire alarms and CO detectors.  If your trailer has no Propane (turning it off does not count as connectors may leak, but physically has no propane tank) then you only need a working fire alarm.

Your safety is important, your enjoyment of a safe campground is important.  So let’s work together to make this a great safe season for everyone.

If you need to get a smoke alarm or CO detector please ask at registration and we can guide you as to where to get one locally.  If you want help assessing if your unit is up to snuff, please ask and we can have someone come over and check the systems for you.

Every Unit (RV or Camping Trailer) should also be equipped with a functioning fire extinguisher.  Said extinguisher needs to be functional and not expired (check the service tag ).

“Failure to comply with the applicable Fire Code smoke alarm requirements can result in a ticket for $235 or a fine of up to $100,000.” – Ontario Fire Marshal, 2011

Governing laws and additional reading: www.ofm.gov.on.ca and News Release